Welcome to FOE Hope Aerie #2690

Fraternal Order of Eagles Hope Aerie #2690 is often referred to as "the biggest little Aerie in B.C."  This is because we have a great group of dedicated volunteers who help to organize and staff the many events and fundraisers that take place under the Aerie banner.  Small in size, but big in heart and soul, FOE Hope Aerie #2690 is committed to our motto of "People helping people".  New members are welcome!   Regular meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the hall at 7:30 p.m.


Effective June 2019, list of officers:

Worthy President

Don Dixon 

email: dwdixon@telus.net                   Cell: 604-869-1518

Inside Guard

Mark Rowsell

email: c/o hopeaerie@yahoo.ca

Jr. Past Worthy President

Larry Kellum

email: lkellum@telus.net                   Cell: 604-793-5240       


   Jeff Charters

    email: c/o hopeaerie@yahoo.ca          

Worthy Vice-President

Kay Boutin

email: kay.boutin@outlook.com          Cell: 604-751-3567


Meghan Brunn

email: c/o hopeaerie@yahoo.ca                  

Aerie Secretary

Wendy Vick

email: hopeaerie@yahoo.ca            Office: 604-869-2560


Ed Araki

email: c/o hopeaerie@yahoo.ca         

Aerie Treasurer

Valerie Staves

email c/o: hopeaerie@yahoo.ca       Office: 604-869-2560


John Kellum

email: c/o hopeaerie@yahoo.ca

Aerie Chaplain

Jeane Britt

email: c/o hopearie@yahoo.com          


The Fraternal Order of Eagles are people who share their time and efforts with the common goal of helping folks in their communities.  Please join us in our quest to make a difference!